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Diasha Roux Labaze

Born in Bradenton, FL and raised in Charlotte, NC. I am a wife and mother who didn't have a clue what I wanted to do with my life until I went into property management which lasted a little over 2 years. I started at an entry level as a leasing partner and worked my way on up. It was then I enjoyed the thrill of helping others secure their home and wanted to make it an easy transition for them whether they were moving next door or from out of state. My goal was to give all residents the quality of care I would want. After my son was born, my life changed completely. At that moment, I realized I wanted to be a stay-at- home mom raising my beautiful baby boy but find a career that would allow me to do both. I couldn't figure out anything else that'll help this first time mom except get my real estate license. I was practically already in the industry but needed my license to conduct business independently. Therefore, I went for it and although a difficult test to take after my third attempt I did it! I got my license while nursing and caring for my infant child. Fast forward, I am throughly enjoying the flexibility to spend time with my family but also with my clients, whether we are out looking at rentals, touring with builders or just grabbing a cup of coffee. Married to a Haitian native, I am fluent in English and can speak a little Haitian Creole. Working with me will feel like a close friend or relative you just met for the first time.

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